5 Tips to Help You Move Home

Moving home is an exciting time but it can feel incredibly overwhelming experience, to help make sure your move is less stressful A2B Removals have compiled our list of the top 5 tips to help your taxing task of moving home a smoother transition.

1. Donate To Charity

As we begin to declutter our homes preparing for moving day you may find clothing, electronics and other unwanted items that have not been touched in months or perhaps years. Instead of taking unwanted items to your new home and filling up wasted space, the solution is simple – donate to charity. Find your local charity and donate clothes shoes, handbags, dvds, books, toys etc. and help to donate, reuse, recycle.

2. Vacuum Bags

Not only can vacuum bags safe space on your clothing but they can also be used on bedding, curtains and cushions. Coming as a two-pack and large in size, these efficient storage bags are fully reusable. They protect packed items against mites, moisture and dust.

3. Label Your Boxes

Grab a marker pen and label each box e.g. “living room pictures”, this will speed up the moving process as the movers will know exactly where the box needs to be instead of putting the box in the wrong room.

4. Make an ‘essentials’ Box

Quick snacks, cups, tea/coffee, kettle etc. all these essentials should be boxed and loaded last. Once you reach your new home you can grab this bag first and keep your family of movers refreshed reducing the risk of accidental damage occurring as you become tired.

Any remote controls, phones, cables, mobile phone chargers and any other essential items you are likely to lose keep in a electronics box.

5. Leave it the Professionals – A2B Removals

Renting a van and moving all your belongings yourself is a perfectly good solution however it would take longer and bring added stress to an already stressful situation.

A2B Removals have years of experience carefully loading items and transporting them safety so you know your valuables are in safe hands. To find out more about how home removal services please contact us via our simple contact form.

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